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Help !Coco want babies ....

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#1 Guest_marie-t [OLD]_*

Guest_marie-t [OLD]_*
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Geschrieben 19 Juni 2008 - 13:25

Helloi am a young Kromi, my name is Coppélia; i am 19 monthes old; you can see my photography on the website here. because nowadays i am thinking a lot in kromi boys , i would like , next year, to have babies. I live in France and there is no Kromi boys at all ! I am not in a hurry, next year could be the best for me (even if, today, i would like to fall in love so much !) . But my "mother" don't know how to take contact . She has a very very large problem : she doesn't speak german at all ! It is not possible for her to take contact with any Kromi club , they only speak german.Could somebody help me ?Expecting your helpCoppélia


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#2 Guest_chesnutundpaula [OLD]_*

Guest_chesnutundpaula [OLD]_*
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Geschrieben 04 April 2009 - 20:40

Hi Coppelia, have you been successful in the meantime and did you find an appropriate partner? Since I am castrated I won t be much help with babies, but I could offer you a helping hand with the language problems.

#3 Guest_marie-t [OLD]_*

Guest_marie-t [OLD]_*
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Geschrieben 05 April 2009 - 08:16

Danke ChesnutundPaula ! Since my last message, I had so many problems ! I let my idea to get babies from Coco... It's so difficult ! Impossible to find a "papa" in France. I try to return to the country where she comes from, last year  but ... no help at all ... I decided to sterilize her the next summer Eingefügtes Bild; she is so lovely;  i would have like to keep a baby from her but... too many problems to go on ! I had the chance to get a kromi (a lot of thanks to Heidi) and i hope  i could get another kromi, later;( i'm not so sure because of the language) ... I love this breed and i should have hope to develope it in France; but without Kromi's clubs help, impossible.I hope you could help me  (for the language)  next year, when i 'll try to find an other kromi... if you are still on the forum ... I'll write a new message "Help : Marie-t should want a Kromi"!!!!Thanks a lot for your helpWhere are you living ?Best regardsMarie-TEingefügtes Bild

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